what actually is an unfair dismissal claim!
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There are varying statutes in many countries all around the world that preach against the unfair dismissal of employees by employers. Unfair dismissal is the dismissal of an employee by an employer without prior notice or payment in lieu of notice. The reverse aspect of this is where an employee terminates his own employment based on the unfair conduct of his employer and this is called constructive dismissal.

Basically speaking, an employee can be dismissed from his employment if his employment is not backed up by statute. However, the law in relevant jurisdictions allows for dismissal but where an employee considers his dismissal unfair, he can institute a relevant claim in a competent court of law to question the fairness of such dismissal. A claim often involves employment solicitors and if the claim goes badly for the employee there are often post termination restrictions.

When you bring an unfair dismissal claim, it is for your employer to show that on very reasonable grounds your contract termination was necessitated. You can question your employer for tenable reasons why he had to dismiss you as an employee. This is what your employer would reply to in already ascertainable processes provided for in the substantive statute.

In most common law jurisdictions, if an employer is guilty of the charges of unfair dismissal, it is not for the court to impose an employee on an unwilling employer. What would most times be the case is to quantify the damage done to the person of the employee in form of monetary compensation.

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